Let’s ‘work’ together for a society ‘without limitations’

People with (physical) disabilities often have a disadvantage to society. On this community, we want to bring everyone together and share important experiences. So that we can learn from each other and help each other. Help with information, help with counseling or appropriate employment.

The place where we all come together and listen …

What story do you have? What are you looking for? How can we help you?

Job Seekers

We understand that finding employment can be a challenge for many people who are distant from the labor market. Therefore, we provide a user-friendly platform that helps job seekers find jobs that match their skills, experience and preferences. We have an extensive database of job openings that is constantly updated, so job seekers always have access to the latest jobs.


For employers, we offer the opportunity to search for suitable candidates who might otherwise be overlooked. Our database contains a diverse group of job seekers with different backgrounds, skills and experiences. We ensure that employers have access to a wide range of potential candidates and also provide support in the selection process.

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